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In November 2017, the Cutlass management team successfully sold the Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline System. The description below summarizes Trans-Union as of the time of sale.

Trans-Union is a 30-inch high pressure natural gas pipeline transporting gas volumes 42 miles from Sharon, Louisiana to El Dorado, Arkansas. During ownership, Trans-Union was fully subscribed under Firm Transportation “take or pay” service.

Trans-Union’s anchor customer is the Union Power Plant, a 2,200 MW CCGT owned by Entergy. Trans-Union customers also included the El Dorado Chemical Company (a subsidiary of LSB Industries), a greenfield nitric acid and ammonia plant.

Gas System:

  • FERC regulated interstate pipeline
  • Capacity in excess of 450,000 Mcfd
  • Receipt points with Regency and Texas Gas
  • Delivery points with Entergy and El Dorado Chemical